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Interface9 (i9) is a consulting firm that helps its clients take advantage of the most current technology and development tools. We provide technical solutions and training to developers by applying our in-depth technical expertise in Windows and Linux platforms.

Our principal consultants are among the best technologists in the world, each possessing over a decade of experience in object-oriented, component-oriented, service-oriented, aspect-oriented, distributed, integration, and cloud technologies, with a diverse background in a number of business domains, including banking, accounting, imaging, and security applications.




The right architecture allows the design and development to be on schedule and within budget, but a successful architecture is one used in a product embraced by its users. Our extensive experience in software architecture can help you architect the right and successful product.


We are programmers at heart, so programming is what we do best. Our programmers are among the finest in the business, because we don’t stint on coding styles, code refactoring, and error handling. We are perfectionists when it comes to coding. Need a seasoned C# or C++ developer?


Our principal consultants have dedicated most of their time and research to the Microsoft .NET Framework since PDC 2000 in Orlando, Florida. With deep expertise in the .Net Platform, we take great pride in providing you with the best services in the technology, as appropriate for your business.


We can help you lift and shift your software into the Cloud. With deep expertise in Azure Stack, we've lifted and shifted our microservice technology into the stack, followed up with a full PaaS offering. Beyond Azure Stack, we also have deep expertise in Storage Spaces Direct and Service Fabric.



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